Hometown Cable
Building the Identity


Through Hometown Cable, you will be able to receive broadband Internet services. Through our state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home system, we are able to offer you speeds that are unmatched by our competitors in the area. A connection like this is ideal for streaming video and other multimedia applications run over the web. We offer a wide range of bandwidth and pricing options to suit your needs.

  • Bronze Level (7Mbps Download / 2Mbps Upload): $34.95
  • Silver Level(10Mbps Download / 5Mbps Upload): $39.95
  • Gold Level (15Mbps Download / 5Mbps Upload): $49.95
  • Platinum Level (25Mbps Download / 7Mbps Upload): $59.95
  • Diamond Level (50Mbps Download / 10Mbps Upload): $99.95