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Wireless Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is Hometown Cable Wireless access?
• We can provide bandwidth speeds up to 5Mbps download, and 768Kbps upload depending on availability.

Will wireless networking work with my existing computer?
• Most desktop computers cannot be connected to a wireless network, but can be modified so that they can. A laptop, phone, or tablet will be able to connect wirelessly.

Is it possible to have more than one computer connected?
• Yes, however you will be required to purchase a router.

Is my Internet traffic using Hometown Cable Wireless connectivity secure and private?
• Yes, however it is always wise to use additional security features, such as firewall and virus protection on your household or business equipment.

How easy is Hometown Cable Wireless connectivity?
• If you are located within the required proximity of a tower, a simple window connection will provide easy access. Approximate range from any Hometown Cable Wireless tower is 5 miles, however geographical surroundings must be taken into account.

Does the weather affect Hometown Cable Wireless connectivity?
• While weather is often unpredictable, it generally has no adverse effect on connectivity.

Am I obligated to this service for a period of time?
• Hometown Cable Wireless offers a wide variety of contracts to suit our clients' needs.

What happens if I relocate outside of the Hometown Cable Wireless service area?
• Any existing contract would become null and void, provided all equipment is returned to Hometown Cable Wireless.